Meet Nashville-based artist, songwriter and musician, Eleni Naomi.  A captivating vocalist, she began singing at the young age of 4.  Over the years, she has honed her sound through classical training paired with countless hours spent emulating her favorite singers, including the likes of Mariah Carey, Rachelle Ferrell and Ella Fitzgerald.  Her sultry voice beckons listeners to a simpler time as they experience the style she calls, S o u l  J a z z · A timeless sound with a voice of hope.  Eleni’s songs weave raw emotion into poetry, accentuated with colorful chord voicings that bring the sentiments to life.  Unlike some of the iconic jazz vocalists she favors, she’s at home behind the keys, and her live show experience does not disappoint, delivering a passionate, high-energy performance complete with originals, jazz-it-up covers and jazz standards.  When in Nashville, she’s often backed by upright bassist, Rick Shown and drummer, Terry Hubbard.  Eleni recently recorded her debut album with award-winning producer, Loren Johnson, and released a music video for fan-favorite, “Summer Don’t Leave Me.”  This exceptional project · S t i l l  I  W a i t ·  is now available everywhere that music is streamed and sold online.  Order on CD or Vinyl here.  Whether composing at the keys, taking the stage or stepping into the studio, the vision behind her artistry is to C R E A T E music with excellence, passion and purpose, to C A P T I V A T E a diverse audience and to I N S P I R E hope in every listener.

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To CREATE music with excellence, passion and purpose

To CAPTIVATE a diverse audience

To INSPIRE hope in every listener


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