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Eleni Naomi is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter, artist, musician and worship leader.  Her original music is inspired by the timeless styles of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday mixed with the soulful sounds of gospel singers like Dorinda Clark-Cole.  Listeners have compared her voice to a diverse array of artists such as Adele, Fiona Apple, Amy Lee (Evanescence) and Diana Krall, but her musical style paired with her message leave most at a loss to place her in an existing genre.  Whether weaving deep meaning into a swinging jazz tune or baring her heart through a soulful ballad, Eleni seeks to inspire hope in her listeners.  Take a moment to experience – Soul Jazz A timeless sound with a voice of hope.



To CREATE music with excellence, creativity and passion

To CAPTIVATE a diverse audience

To INSPIRE hope in every listener


· Friday, August 26 · Music & Friends Night at The Well · 7:00p · Nashville, TN

· Saturday, September 3 · Sonnets · 7:30p ·

· Saturday, September 10 · Pavilion · 7:00p ·

· Thursday, September 29 · Lite Brite Artist Nite at Shamblin Theatre · 7:00p ·